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Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson

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I am a father of 2 boys (7 and 9) and have been married to my beautiful wife Lindsy now for 15 years. I am one of two boys the oldest (by 1 year and a day) My younger brother is 7 inches taller and probably a lot smarter. Actually I know he is. He scored a 1500/1600 on the SAT..lol. We grew up in a Coast Guard family moving every 2-3 years. We ended up in Indiana because that is where both of my parents where originally from. My father got injured in the Coast Guard his last few years in so fortunately/Unfortunate for him we got In State tuition partly paid. So as soon as I graduated in 1998 I moved here to CO. My first job out here was in the chemistry/microbiology labs at Coors Brewing Company. I then worked there for 6 years and not soon before my 6th year there my father suddenly past away from 1 and only one heart attack. At that point I new I need to make more of an impact on peoples lives so I looked into med school at first but then a friend who was a chiropractor mentioned that I should look into chiropractic schools. In my head I thought chiropractors were just "back crackers" and what kind of an impact could I actually make. After really looking into to it, I quickly realized that chiropractors can actually help with SO Much MORE. So I applied to Palmer College of Chiropractic School in Davenport Iowa and was accepted the following year. I graduated in 2010 (Oct) and moved back with my wife Lindsy and have been a chiropractor ever since. Along my journey as a health professional I have added several changes (and pieces of equipment)  to my office to help people extend their lives longer. I would say being a chiropractor is one of my greatest passions but I would also say it has been challenging in the fact that most people still do not understand the impact chiropractors can make on ones life. So my goal is to reach as many people as possible to educate them on the powers of chiropractic and teaching people how to live longer healthier lives. 


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