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Many of the people I view as personal friends in the front range here, are people I’ve come to know through CERTUS events.

Certus Network

What we do

Do you need to get new business?

We get it, we’re hustlin’ too! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a network of people that understood your business and wanted to help you grow?! Join one of the few Denver professional business networking groups that “get it” and start building your tribe of raving fans!

Are you frustrated with crappy events?

Us too! Time is precious and we won’t waste yours! We’re all about results! In fact, our Members reported receiving as much as 80% of their new business from referrals from fellow CERTUS Members!

Are you a person who puts others needs first?

If yes, you belong here and we want YOU as our newest Member. You’ll fit right in with our Go-Giver philosophy as you understand you receive much more when you give first and help others.


CERTUS is a professional networking organization founded on the principle that your real worth in business is all about how much value you can create and give. CERTUS members build intentional relationships with others in the organization in order to expand their reach. The idea is to refer each other beyond the core group thus exponentially expanding your reach. Members are better positioned to serve their clients, and their fellow members. By focusing on creating value for others, and being open to receiving, your business will flourish. CERTUS facilitates this process by providing structure and framework with education, regular meetings and social events.


  • CERTUS focuses on quality over quantity. Higher quality events and meetings means more efficiency and more results for the time and money invested.
  • CERTUS members are the secret ingredient. By curating a membership of like-minded, intentional, growth focused business professionals, we are stacking the deck for your success.
  • CERTUS events are FUN! People want to be around other people that are enjoying life and enjoying their business. Fun = More $$! Money may not buy happiness, but it’ll buy you a jet ski. And have you ever seen someone frowning on a jet ski?
  • CERTUS is about growth. In order to grow your business you need to constantly be sharpening the sword. And you need to be around others that are interested in growth too!
  • CERTUS is about referrals and introductions. We believe everyone wants to help others but you need to make it easy. You need to stay top of mind. You need to become referable.