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Member Spotlight

May 2017: Jason Sloan, Exterior Experts

Jason Sloan is a Colorado Native, and it could be argued that he is a construction industry native as well. He graduated from Denver Public Schools, specifically the Career Education Center, where he specialized in construction trades, engineering technology and...

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April 2017: Aimee Skillin, Social Media Languages

Social Media Languages was born from the culmination and cultivation of my life experiences. I chose the name for several reasons. Social Media is what I love and what I do, but Languages came from the fact that I am bilingual, each social media channel

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March 2017: Jeremy Dadah, H.M. Brown & Associates

When we were young, we believed cars were glorious and amazing. They sparked our imagination and gave us something to look forward to. Do you remember what it was like as a kid riding in a car? To have the feeling you were traveling so fast, with your hand out the...

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From Our Networking Blog

Top of Mind, First Choice

Right now … RIGHT FREAKIN’ NOW!! … there are hundreds, if not thousands, of people here in the Denver Metro area who are actively looking for exactly what you are selling. This is a fact. Let that fact sink in for a minute. Not only that, tomorrow … and the next day …...

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Be Surprisingly Helpful

I believe that the ultimate goal of networking as a Go-Giver is to give so freely, thoughtfully and effectively to others that they decide to fully engage their minds and hearts on your behalf.  You want to get to the point where they are thinking about how to help...

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