What’s Bacon Got To Do With Networking?

I’m not talking about bacon, the food (which really deserves its own food group). I’m talking about Bacon, with a capital B, as in Kevin Bacon.

When the movie Six Degrees of Separation came out in theaters in 1993, the game “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” became popular and was based on the concept “that any two people on Earth are six or fewer acquaintance links apart” from Kevin Bacon.

Then it occurred to me… this is exactly what networking is about! When you set out to network, you want to meet the people connected to the people, connected to the people (and so on) who could be your buyer.

In other words, you want to meet the “Kevin Bacons” connected to your target market.

Let me explain with an example of Frank, a web designer. Frank wants to get in front of companies that will hire him to design their new website. When Frank is at a networking event, it’s not likely he’ll meet many companies in need of a new website.

Instead, Frank could ask folks he meets for introductions to professionals who serve companies. Frank can niche down further and ask for introductions to those whose clients are start-up companies because start-ups may still need a website

Business attorneys, CPA’s and business or executive coaches likely have company clients, so folks in these professions become web designer Frank’s Kevin Bacon, connected to companies that may need a website and might hire Frank.

So Frank goes to networking events and, when asked “How can I help you?” he’ll ask for introductions to any business attorneys, CPA’s and business or executive coaches they may know. When web designer Frank gets introduced and (eventually) builds trusted, mutually beneficial relationships with business attorneys, CPAs and coaches, he can easily ask which of their clients are brand new start-ups. Note he’s not asking which of their clients need a new website because they likely don’t know. But they will know which are start-ups. All web designer Frank needs is the introduction and then he can ask how he can help with their web design needs.

So who’s your Kevin Bacon? Which industries or professions are connected to your target market?

Similar to Six degrees of Kevin Bacon, you want to draw the fewest number of lines (connections) to get closest to your next decision maker. You do this by knowing who you want to meet prior to attending a networking event and asking for those introductions specifically.

Have fun building your Dream Team of Referral Partners with a bunch of Kevin Bacon’s!

Sabrina Risley

Sabrina Risley is a master connector. She’s been hosting live networking events since 2004 and has welcomed 20,000+ professionals to those events. She shares her observations, insights and tips of how the top 2% of effective and magnetic networkers build their businesses. She also shares what NOT to do when networking. Get her complimentary e-book: Strategic Networking for Success.
Sabrina Risley

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