The Power of Showing Up

A good friend of mine used to say something that really stuck with me.

He’d say that he wanted his two (beautiful) daughters to someday marry the type of guy who, without being asked, would show up early to events to help set up … and then stay late to help clean up.

No fanfare.  Just someone who recognized a need, filled it without being asked, not looking for anyone to pat him on the head for his service rendered.

He thought that a guy like that would treat his daughters with kindness.

As a guy with three daughters of my own, this struck me as profound.

And, even though I’m already married, his words made me want to be “that guy” myself.  And I’ve tried to be that guy ever since.

Showing up early.  Sitting on the front row, smiling, participating.  Staying after.  To help that person who is putting themselves out there.

This is a type of go-giving that really matters … and gets noticed.

In my work at Certus and the Colorado MicroBusiness Alliance, we have had several such people who simply “show up” to help.

To me, they are priceless gems.  I can’t appreciate them enough.

Who doesn’t want to be around someone who simply and sincerely sees opportunity to serve and begins helping … without being asked?

Who doesn’t want to give back to such a person?

Who doesn’t want to give such a person the best of what they have to give?

The essence of Go-Giving is asking this question: What of value can I give to this person right here, right now?  And then acting on the answer to that question.

Many people ask a very different question in their professional interactions. They ask: What of value can I GET from this person, this event, right here, right now?

You FEEL those different questions immediately when talking to someone.

Don’t believe me?  Next time you are at a professional event or meeting and are speaking with someone, ask yourself which question the other person is asking.  I think you’ll find it shocking how easy it is to discern which question is being asked.

Then ask yourself which question YOU are asking when you show up.

It can make all the difference.

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