The Power of Networking when Job Seeking

By Sabrina Risley

A frequently overlooked tool for finding a new job is networking. People who attend networking events are generally well connected within their community, attend various events, and are givers.  They enjoy connecting people and helping others out, so when someone comes to find a job, networking participants are pretty interested in helping out. 

Networking groups range from business types to special interests and can be found through quick searches on the internet. Some groups have associated costs, but they’re worth paying for if it means connecting with key players in the community. You can also look for trade or association meetings, board meetings or other open events that allow guest.

Submitting a resume’ via  Internet job postings is one traditional way of gaining employment.  But nothing beats a personal connection made by someone who is obviously a go-getter (you at the networking event!). At a 2009 Behind The Moon networking event, two gentlemen got to talking.  One was an unemployed IT programmer, the other had a friend with connections at Microsoft.  Guess where that connection led?  Our unemployed gentleman got a year-long consulting gig at Microsoft!  Making a few connections with people who know hiring managers at local employers, and a simple phone call or email may very well bring your resume’ to the top of the stack and get your foot in the door.

When networking, be sure to have business cards available with your contact information.  You can print them yourself or order them free or for very little cost.  They don’t have to be anything fancy but they are necessary so the connections you make have an easy way to retrieve your phone number and contact you either should they come across an opportunity that might be suitable for you.  Also, when you network, offer your support in return by asking if there is anything your new connections need or could use help with and then introduce them to others who might be a fit for them. Lastly, networking is a waste of time if you don’t follow up.  So spend a few minutes the next day sending thank you cards and making follow-up phone calls.

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Sabrina Risley

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Sabrina Risley

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