Welcome to CERTUS

The no attendance required network!

Are you hesitant to network because you’re required to attend weekly meetings or find a substitute to go in your place?

Welcome to CERTUS, where…

  • You’re never required to attend any events… daily, weekly or monthly and, believe it or not, you can build powerful new friendships and alliances for as little as $25 per month.
  • You’ll never be reprimanded for missing an event. When you’re not there, we’ll miss you, wonder where you are and look forward to seeing you at the next event you’re able to attend.
  • You’ll be surrounded by professionals who’ll ask you how THEY can HELP YOU so you can get to the next level in your company growth.

It doesn’t matter…

  • Where you live in the Denver Metro area, whether Aurora, Cherry Creek / Glendale DTC, downtown Denver, Highlands Ranch, Lakewood, Westminster.
  • What time of day you’re available to network, whether morning, afternoon or evening.

…CERTUS has an event coming up that’s less than five minutes from where you are right now.



Total flexibility that meets my schedule.

I simply did not want to HAVE to attend a networking meeting every week at the same time in the same place, AND see the same faces.

With CERTUS I can pick and choose where I want to network, sometimes even attending a great event after a client meeting as far away as Highlands Ranch or Boulder.

This is absolutely the most flexible and rewarding Networking Group in Colorado!


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