Ok. You’ve decided that the go-giving, relationship networking approach is right for you.

Now what?

How does that turn into something both enjoyable AND profitable for you?

Here is your #1 tip on how to be an effective go-giver:

The “magic” happens from the quality, trust-based relationships you are able to build.

Quality matters more than quantity.

And that “magic” doesn’t happen in a group setting.  You can only build the type of relationship you need to build in a setting where you can give all your attention to one person.

In other words, go-giving magic happens in a one-to-one, face-to-face meeting.

We have talked about the best things to do in that meeting HERE.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to select the right people to invite to your one-to-ones.

When you are in a group networking setting, I think you should always be asking yourself: “Who would I like to invite to a one-to-one?”

I’d like to suggest some criteria to consider that, at first, might seem counterintuitive.

At first glance, you might think that the best people for one-to-ones are as follows:

  • People who might buy my stuff
  • People who know lots of people who might buy my stuff

That, however, is the mind of the salesperson, NOT a go-giving relationship networker.

At a networking event – especially one that is based on go-giving – people will sense that you are in “Hunter Mode” and will likely shy away from you.

No offense, but they aren’t at that event to buy what you’re selling, but to build a network that can turn into lots and lots of sales.  It’s a different mindset.

I suggest that these could be more effective criteria to use when deciding on who your best prospective one-to-one partners are (in descending order of priority):

  1. You hit it off! Talking to them is easy and enjoyable.  You’ll look forward to this one-to-one.  This type of the friendship is the basis for a flourishing business relationship.
  2. They are genuinely interested in what you are doing. Your best referral sources will be people who are FANS of you and what you do … even (and this is the important part) … if you can’t see exactly how they can help you.  I’ve had so many people over the years become wonderful referral sources who have no connection with what I’m doing.
  3. You are fascinated by them and what they do. People love to be liked.  If you could see yourself having a one-to-one where you just learn everything about the other person … and enjoying every minute … that could make a great meeting.  If you end up BUYING from them, they might be extra motivated to send referrals your direction.
  4. They are clearly a connector. This one is obvious … but why is it only FOURTH on the list?  Because this reason is all about you!  They’ll sense that.  Great connectors get that all the time.  Nevertheless, if you prepare well for the meeting, it could turn out to be a beneficial meeting.
  5. They have great relationships with people you’d like to meet. Again, like #4, this is about YOU.  Also just like #4, if you prep like mad for that meeting so you can be “surprisingly helpful,” you can make the meeting something great.

After you select the right person (or people), make that invite!  Make it during the meeting.  Make it after the meeting.  Be sincere in telling them how much you want to help them.

Then go make the magic happen!

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