October 2016: Suzanne Muller-Heinz, Happy Living Forever

Hi, I’m Suzanne Muller-Heinz. When I was young, I felt unlovable, unwanted and not good enough. I suffered from the ‘unlovable syndrome’. My parent’s relationship was what I called ‘prickly’, and my father was bipolar and alcoholic, yes…a double whammy! Entering the dating world feeling unlovable was awful and difficult because I wanted to be loved desperately and looked for love in ALL the wrong places. After two broken engagements, I serial dated for eight long years. I was stood up, stalked, and broken up with over text message. Being cheated on was the last straw. I said, “Enough.”

I could have fallen into a lifetime of unhealthy patterns but I was committed to breaking the cycle. Instead, I became a student. I studied. I learned. I created my own practices and tools because the typical myths, rules and clichés were not working for me either. I mastered how to be lovable, a skilled dater, how to ask the right questions and more. I transformed my partner picker skills, released my baggage from past relationships and developed the skills inside me to love, be loved and love and honor myself in the dating world. I become a smart and awesome dater with confidence and a kick in my step.

Five years ago, I traveled to Cancun, Mexico, for a vacation course. I met a wonderful man the first evening. Because of the enormous preparation work I did on myself, I was ready. We fell in love in four short days and by the end of the vacation course, we were in an exclusive relationship. However, there was a catch, I lived in Denver, Colorado and he lived in Switzerland. After long distance dating for eight months, I moved to Switzerland. We lived together there for three years and traveled the world together as I built my International Dating & Love Life business. In May of 2014, I married the man of my dreams. By October of this year, he will be living with me in Colorado. Now I have one awesome partner to date for the rest of my life!

After going through everything I did, I had to help other great singles, avoid the mistakes I did and teach them how to be successful in order to experience their own healthy and lasting relationship!  83% of my clients who met during or after my coaching are in long-term healthy relationships, and earlier this year, I was named one of Denver’s TOP Dating Coaches by Dateafied.

But don’t take it from me, please take a minute to read a few of my client before and after stories, be inspired and see what’s possible for yourself.

Sue and Bob: http://www.happylivingforever.com/portfolio-item/sue-bob/

David & Raisa: http://www.happylivingforever.com/portfolio-item/david-and-raisa/

Jeff and Crystal: http://www.happylivingforever.com/portfolio-item/jeff-and-crystal/

Most of the clients I work with are resigned that they will ever meet a life-time partner or have picked incorrectly in the past and are now unsure. They are constantly meeting unavailable people, struggling with where to meet someone and very frustrated with the whole dating scene, yet alone how to maneuver it successfully. They often say..It’s too late for me, It’s not possible for me, I’m unlovable, No one ever chooses me, or I don’t know what I’m doing.

After assisting clients in changing their mindset, thinking from different perspectives, taking the right actions, refining their partner picker skills and learning to date with ease and fun, they then say, I didn’t think that person existed, I am lovable, I can do this, or I never would have imagined I could be with someone like this.

Does this take work, effort and being eager to learn? Of course. When you are willing to be a student, take the coaching, try new things and be my full partner, then the miracles happen, new opportunities for action happen, you see things from a different perspective and l.o.v.e. happens!

As the proud owner and CEO of Happy Living Forever, an International Dating & Love Life Coach, and the author of the book Loveable, 21 Practices for Being in a Loving & Fulfilling Relationship, I help frustrated single men and women all over the world who are not dating at all or are dating a lot without success. I teach them to identify and breakthrough what’s in the way in order to experience a healthy, fulfilling and lasting relationship. I’ve coached people in almost every country and have heard it all, well, most of it.

We are all lovable, however, dating drives up all of our “stuff” – our fears, our insecurities, etc.  When we truly feel lovable, meaning we know exactly how to receive love from somebody, how to love someone completely and love and honor ourselves, it’s easier to attract love and experience a lasting relationship. It’s in the dating world that the specific skills are acquired to be able to have a healthy, lasting relationship.

How do I work with clients?

I offer one-on-one coaching packages, virtual group programs and have a local Denver Meet-Up group called Fun & Friendly Singles Ages 38+, Exercise & Be in Nature.  I just rolled out live events in Golden called Classy Connections so people can meet in person and in their age range. I’m excellent at helping you craft an impactful online dating profile as well. My website is http://www.happylivingforever.com/

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Suzanne Muller-Heinz | Happy Living Forever


Elegant Speed Dating in Golden: Classy Connections


Loveable Book available on Amazon or my website



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