November 2016: Anne Barhyte, Photographer Of Life

Though always creative, I didn’t always know I wanted to be a photographer. My interest was sparked in 2005 after I took a year leave of absence from the corporate world. During my leave, I took walks around the small lake, that was near my Virginia Beach home, and became inspired. While I took a few pictures with a small point-and-shoot Kodak, I had no idea it would turn into the passion it is today.

Not too long after moving to Colorado in 2007, I bought my first “real” DSLR camera. Colorado definitely provided great beauty to capture. I entered my first fine art show in which I won 3 awards and my photographic journey only just began.

After a few years of focusing on fine art and many local photography and gallery showings around Colorado, people started asking me to photograph them. At first it was a challenge as photographing people is a totally different photographic experience. However, I accepted the challenge and with a lot of practice, I realized how much more fulfilling it was working with people. I really got hooked after a boudoir client saw her pictures and cried. She admitted she didn’t realize she was that beautiful.

My experience with her emotionally drove me to continue to work with people. My first destination wedding really sealed my fate. I loved it. It’s like I was part of their family, like a long-lost cousin. I enjoyed the connection with my clients and how wonderful I made them feel through my images.


As my passion grew and after many rave reviews, there was no doubt in my mind I would be a Photographer of Life… for life.

Photographer of Life, LLC ranked #6 on Denver’s A List for Best Portrait Photography in 2016.

“Every time I do a session, there is a story, like my favorite television series. I am always excited and wondering what the next session will bring.” ~ Anne Barhyte

I’ve been asked what separates me from the rest, and attribute that to my down-to-earth nature that makes people feel comfortable in front of the camera. It’s a gift that helps bring out the true essence of a person. I prefer to find the good qualities in each person and the surrounding environment and I focus the camera’s eye on that.

My connection with people is one of my tools for success. One clients said it best, “it’s the way you SEE people and the world.” I also believe what my clients experience is even more important than my work. Most people, including myself, are typically not excited to get in front of a camera. So, it’s really important to help them feel different and bring their soul to the surface.

“Anne did some head shots for me for my author page and the back of my book, and I was so happy with the results. I was also super nervous the day we did the photo shoot, but Anne was very patient and helped me relax. I will definitely use her in the future. And did you see her fine art? Holy smokes!” ~Gina

I’m extremely passionate about my work. Whether standing in a freezing, cold waterfall or walking through tall grass, hoping a snake doesn’t find us, I’ll do almost anything to capture the right image.

As a personal photography consultant, I’ll help you make decisions on the photography products you may need or want. My art show experience lends a hand in helping you with print products and creating works of art for you walls that are personalized with pictures of you and your loved ones.

Photographs are our story. They preserve a part of our legacy and lives but they also allow us to share and communicate. Whether communicating who are in a headshot by seeing a friendly face, or documenting an important event or time in our lives, I’ll customize the experience just for you.

Here are photo sessions I offer:

Life {Portraits}
  • Headshot Sessions – Corporate or Personal Branding such as Social Media, Corporate, Books, Websites, Business.
  • Creative Portraits and Cosplay
  • Glamour, Beauty and Fashion
  • Maternity, Newborn and Baby’s First Year
  • High School Seniors
  • Boudoir, Dudoir and Couples
Life {Events}
  • Local Wedding Photography
  • Destination Worldwide Weddings
  • Corporate Event Photography – Meetings, Conventions, Tradeshows and Conferences, including on-site headshots.
  • Parties – Corporate, Birthdays, Holidays and Showers
  • Charity
  • Networking

While some shoots are for corporate clients and photographing corporate events, others can be very personal. I am touched to have been a part of life events that were so important to my clients. One of my families wanted to photograph their young son, who had a brain tumor, in case things didn’t go well with his health and surgeries. With another client, the mother contacted me because their family dog/friend/companion was sick with cancer and her daughter wanted portraits with the pup before she passed away. I remember Shasta and those photographs even today. A son contacted me when his parents were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and to gift them a family portrait with all their children, their families and grandchildren. Last year, a father from North Carolina hired me when he and his wife were flying in for Christmas to be with the rest of the family here in Colorado and wanted to do family portraits. There are many more stories and amazing experiences I have had in working and connecting with my clients. Each client has touched my life, perhaps as much as my images touch theirs.

“Anne has a beautiful way of capturing the personality of the people she photographs! She is relaxed, unhurried, and is amazingly talented. Her photographs are natural, artistic, and true to life. We love her work and style and book her every year.“ ~The Browns


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Photographer of Life, LLC ranked #6 on Denver’s A List for Best Portrait Photography in 2016.



Anne Barhyte | Photographer of Life, LLC




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