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Member Spotlight

March 2017: Jeremy Dadah, H.M. Brown & Associates

When we were young, we believed cars were glorious and amazing. They sparked our imagination and gave us something to look forward to. Do you remember what it was like as a kid riding in a car? To have the feeling you were traveling so fast, with your hand out the... read more

January 2017: Mark Hardcastle, Author/Speaker

35,000 Feet In the Middle of the Night Many of you know me as an author and a speaker. Indeed, I have written a book, The Symphony of Your Life: Restoring Harmony When Your World Is Out of Tune. I’ve presented publicly over 100 times, in the form of keynote addresses,... read more

November 2016: Anne Barhyte, Photographer Of Life

Though always creative, I didn’t always know I wanted to be a photographer. My interest was sparked in 2005 after I took a year leave of absence from the corporate world. During my leave, I took walks around the small lake, that was near my Virginia Beach home, and... read more

October 2016: Suzanne Muller-Heinz, Happy Living Forever

Hi, I’m Suzanne Muller-Heinz. When I was young, I felt unlovable, unwanted and not good enough. I suffered from the ‘unlovable syndrome’. My parent’s relationship was what I called ‘prickly’, and my father was bipolar and alcoholic, yes…a double whammy! Entering... read more

September 2016: Robert Romano, ACES DJs

“Music makes pictures and often tells stories. All of it magic and all of it true. And all of the pictures and all of the stories. All of the magic, the music is you”. – John Denver   Music – it’s the heartbeat of your event or party, as it creates... read more

August 2016: Jack Laurent, Movement Mortgage

Jack Laurent | Senior Loan Officer I’ve been a part of the CERTUS family for a long time. I closed my first mortgage in 1998 and I’ve continued delivering excellent service as the industry has gone through turbulent times in the past, and as it now enjoys low interest... read more