March 2017: Jeremy Dadah, H.M. Brown & Associates

When we were young, we believed cars were glorious and amazing. They sparked our imagination and gave us something to look forward to. Do you remember what it was like as a kid riding in a car? To have the feeling you were traveling so fast, with your hand out the window, trying to catch the wind? Or skimming over the crest of a steep hill, making your stomach drop like the thrill of a rollercoaster?

I am here to tell you our cars are still ALL the things they were to us when we were young.  We roll much of ourselves and our emotions into our car and, for some, our car defined our younger selves. It was there in good times and bad, and experienced our joy and sorrow… from our first girlfriend or boyfriend, first kiss, first apartment or first child, to our first road rage incident, first accident, and maybe the last time we hugged someone.

It saw the best of us and the worst of us. We drove too fast. We took chances. But we had fun and our car symbolized freedom. We could go anywhere, anytime.

Bruce Springsteen wrote…

“the night’s busted open, these two lanes will take us anywhere”

…because they would, they did and still do.

Heck, you can drive to the Arctic Circle, or as close as you can get to Antarctica, from where you are right now! When you get there, you’ll be in the middle of nowhere, but it will have been a darn good drive getting there.

We’re older now, which means we might take our car for granted. We grumble about maintenance and repairs, or want a bigger, better, smaller or more efficient car. We wish our car had fewer miles, more features, rode smoother or drove faster. I’m guilty, at times, of dreaming about something different. It isn’t until the day comes, when we must say goodbye, that we remember what a truly good car it was.

I’m proud to work in the car industry for one reason. I help you say “Hello” to the next phase in your life. I help you find the best car for you. One that will see all the next “firsts” that happen in your life, and maybe some seconds and thirds too.

Pictured here is one of my happy customers.


After a life in restaurants and industrial equipment sales, I love helping people with something as personal as buying their next car. Even if you believe a car is just a vessel, getting you from one place to the next, it still matters that it’s comfortable, safe and suits your lifestyle and future memories.

“Jeremy was great to work with. I could count on his honest opinion when I would get ahead of myself on making a decision. His availability was unbelievable as I was able to reach him at all hours with a simple text and he was quick to respond. He brought the vehicle I ultimately ended up purchasing directly to my house for a test drive. Paperwork was seamless and painless when everything was finalized.  Not only did I get a sweet new ride, but I also gained a friend during the process. Work with Jeremy, you won’t regret it.”  – Aaron Williams

Working for H.M. Brown and Associates has been a wonderful experience. The company was founded in 1986 and today, is the largest Auto Brokerage in Colorado. This comes with some pretty cool advantages. Because we sell so many cars, auto dealerships actually give us unbeatable pricing, unavailable to the general public, and we pass those savings on to you. Due to our volume, we’re also able to work with folks with low or bad credit and can get surprisingly low interest rates from banks and credit unions that are competing for our business.


I’m your one-stop-shop for all things related to buying a car. I help you…

  1. Purchase or lease a new car, any make or model.
  2. Find a thoroughly examined and approved used car.
  3. Negotiate with dealers to get you the absolute best price on a new or used car.
  4. Get additional accessories, lift kits, wheels, running boards, camper tops, clear bra, and window tinting.
  5. Trade in or sell your current car.
  6. Finance your new or used car.
  7. Buy extra protection in the form of extended warranties, ding protection, excess wear and tear, and some windshield protection.

“Working with Jeremy on buying my new Jeep exceeded all expectations. He strips out the horrible and time consuming process of the dealership, focuses solely on getting you what you need at a price you want, and before you know it you have keys in hand! He approached my vehicle search as if it were his own, and throughout the process he was responsive and made everything so easy. I couldn’t have asked for a better car buying experience!” – Jessica Taylor

My happy customer, Jessica and her family


I enjoy the independence I’m afforded in treating my clients the way they deserve… with utmost respect and my absolute attention to detail. It makes me happy to show my clients how quick and simple it can be to buy a car, at substantial savings, allowing them to once again relish the car-buying experience.

Unlike dealerships, it benefits me in no way, to sell one car brand over another. Therefore, I always give my unbiased opinion on a car’s reputation, longevity and value.

“Jeremy was a delight to work with – very personable, knowledgeable and dedicated. He found the exact car I wanted very quickly, brought it to me for a test drive, and negotiated a favorable lease. Then, to my amazement, he sold my current car for a good price in a single day. As a busy professional, I really appreciated being able to just tell Jeremy what I wanted and letting him take care of every detail. – Karla Pierce

My goal is to make your new or used car, truck, van, or motorcycle purchase, hassle-free and take the least amount of your time. Vehicle purchases are huge purchases and one I believe you should enjoy and feel confident you’re getting the best deal and being treated fairly.

I look forward to helping you find and purchase your next car.


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