June 2016: Brooke Chesnut, Generational Communication Expert

Generational Success

Is your company or association besieged with communication challenges between the different generations?

Does this slow productivity and increase stress among workers?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, consider an expert.

Brooke Chesnut is a Generational Communication Expert.

He’s been inspiring organizations, across ALL industries, to think differently about how the various generations in the workforce can connect to one another. He has the vitality to engage the millennial generation (22-37 yrs), the wisdom to educate the Gen X ers (38-53 yrs) and built a legacy of trust with Baby Boomers (54-69 yrs) that bring these generations together to achieve organizational success.

Brooke leads a Generational Excellence Lunch & Learn Workshop which encompasses three basic principles that build connections between the generations of your workforce.

  • Generational Education
  • Generational Communication Strategies
  • Generational Relationships
The goal of the Generational Excellence Lunch & Learn Workshop is to:

Change the conversation about generational differences and facilitate a new way of thinking in the workforce. If corporations want to retain the best young talent, their leadership will need to embrace these principles to be successful in the next decade and beyond.

As a millennial, Brooke’s knowledge about my generation is accurate and encouraging. Instead of shaming us for our use of technology and social media, he brings to light who we are and where our values lie. The truth is, we want to engage in meaningful work – it’s just a matter of reaching us in a certain way. Brooke knows how to do this. – Kimberly Ford, Owner, InVinity Productions

Brooke has over 30 years experience in recruiting, training, and mentoring young professionals. Invest in your workforce by taking advantage of Brooke’s experience. Your company will set a standard to ensure all employees are engaged to meet the organizational goals.

Generational Excellence Lunch & Learn Workshop learning objectives include:
  1. Three ways to build better relationships between the different generations in your workforce
  2. Three approaches to attract & retain Millennial talent
  3. Three ideas that can be applied to help Millennials feel valued

What’s exciting about the lunch & learn workshop’s objectives and concepts are the different trends and discoveries that generate discussion and spark controversy as our work demographic changes.

  1. Baby Boomers will continue to work to build up depleted IRAs.
  2. Gen Xer’s are stuck between two dominant generations.
  3. Gen Xer’s deserve a promotion, but must remain patient.
  4. Millennials don’t want bosses, they want coaches.
  5. Millennials want to work for a meaningful purpose.

I am a professor at the University of Colorado at Denver. I had Brooke come and speak to my students about Millennials in the Workplace. I was blown away by his energy, content and knowledge on this subject. His stories are what brought the content to life. His dynamic personality, leadership and the impact he had on my students is why I believe he is one of the best. As a speaker, you either have it or you don’t and Brooke has the natural gift of making a huge impact on his audience. – Ashley S., Univ. of Colorado

This is a difficult time in corporate America. Generational concepts are increasingly debated in the media, social media, while being taught in business schools around the nation. In fact, by 2025, 75% of the nation’s workforce will consist of the Millennial generation.

With this huge demographic change in our workforce, it makes sense to invest resources today to prepare your employees for the next decade and beyond.

Question: How does your organization begin the process of changing its thinking so it can embrace these concepts and secure the future of your company?



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When you schedule a one-hour Generational Excellence Lunch & Learn Workshop,Brooke will come to your office, or space of your choice, and provide a complimentary lunch for your entire staff, team or community.

Your Generational Excellence Lunch & Learn Workshop will include…

  1. Generational education
  2. Communication techniques
  3. Relationship skills

…to achieve organizational success.


  1. A minimum of 20 audience members
  2. Contact Brooke on or before June 30, 2016









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