February 2012 : Andy Markusfeld, Stonebridge Financial

As 2012 begins, and the financial markets remain relatively uncertain, it is more important than ever to have a financial professional by your side to help you navigate your way to success.  Behind the Moon member Andy Markusfeld of Stonebridge Financial Solutions in Lone Tree is the perfect person to help you find success even in uncertain times such as these.

Andy offers the following services to his clients:1 photo_2_Andy_Markusfeld

  • Investment Strategies
  • Core Retirement Strategies
  • Educated Advice & Guidance on Wealth Management

If you are serious about hiring a financial advisor this year, Andy also reminds you that your relationship with a financial advisor is not just about their knowledge, but is also an important personal relationship that impacts you and your family greatly.  Andy has developed five important questions that you should ask before selecting an advisor to help guide you through your financial future:

  1.  How do you receive your compensation?  Is it on a fee basis (percentage of money managed), from commission on sales of financial products, or both?  While some insurance products must be commission-based due to regulations, just make sure you understand all of the products recommended in your investment strategy, how they work, and why they fit your specific situation.
  2. Are you an independent financial advisor, or do you work for a large Wall Street firm to pitch their products?  Understanding how an organization is structured is vital is making sure your strategy is free of any conflicts of interest created by a local company reporting to a largerFor Andy and Stonebridge Financial Solutions, the freedom of being an independent firm has allowed us to make the best recommendations for our clients.
  3. What is your investing and wealth management approach?  It is imperative to select an advisor who has a long-term approach, looks realistically at financial and economic trends, and also creates a wealth-building and wealth-protecting strategy with these factors inIt is also important to understand if your advisor has direct access to your funds, or only a third party.  For more information on this crucial point in the selection process, please feel free to contact Andy directly at amarkusfeld@stonebridgefinancialsolutions.com.
  4. Do you handle just investments, or do you handle ways to protect someone’s wealth and transfer it with a minimum of taxes and red tape to future
    As we have learned over the years, it’s not about how much money you make, but how much you are able toMake sure your strategy has the best possible insurance plan in place, to help prevent unforeseen events from diminishing your wealth for future generations.
  5. What is your primary investment philosophy?  It is vital to understand your advisors overall strategy and philosophy, and make sure you feel comfortable with their investmentAndy believes in making investments based on the intermediate and longer-term trends, and tries to keep his clients on a disciplined plan that keeps the long term in mind.

With over 22 years of experience in the financial services industry, Andy remains grounded in the conviction that free markets work.  Andy uses investment strategies based on Nobel Prize winning economic theories, and this disciplined approach to life-long investing gives Andy’s clients the confidence that their money will continue to work for them in the long term.  Personally, Andy is happily married with two children, and remains active in his community.  He is heavily involved with the Highlands Ranch and Lone Tree Chambers of Commerce, as well as the Behind the Moon organization.  In his free time, Andy loves to hit the golf course and meet other driven business owners in the area.

If you are interested in taking control of your financial future today, Andy invites you to contact him today for a free wealth consultation.  Andy can be reached at andy@stonebridgefinancialsolutions.com, or 720.895.8200.  Please also feel free to browse the Stonebridge Financial Solutions website at www.stonebridgefinancialsolutions.com and find out what sets Andy apart from other financial advisors.

It’s your financial future!  Take the time to sit down with a professional who has the knowledge and the compassion you need to find success in your financial life.

Andy Markusfeld, CLU, ChFC
Stonebridge Financial Solutions, Inc
9896 Rosemont Ave #101
720-895-8200 (p)
720-895-8222 (f)

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