CERTUS Membership

Frequently Asked Questions
What can I expect when I attend a CERTUS professional business networking event?

Our day and evening networking events are run a little differently.

Daytime Professional Networking Events ~ We begin all daytime networking events with approximately 30-45 minutes of open networking. At each event, participants receive a name tag upon check in to facilitate introductions. The group is then brought together so learn more about CERTUS and to allow participants to formally introduce themselves to the group. We encourage participants to listen for Power Partners and Referral Sources. We offer a 5-Minute Forum of Education of practical information, and a free raffle.  We encourage participants to follow up with the professionals they meet at our events in order to augment and get the most out of their networking!

After Hours Business Networking Events ~ Our Denver area after hours professional networking events include 2 hours of pure mixer-style, open networking. At each event, participants receive a name tag upon check in to facilitate introductions. The group may be brought together for special announcements or promotions.  We encourage participants to follow up with the professionals they meet in order to augment and get the most out of their networking!

How long has CERTUS Professional Network been hosting Denver area professional networking events?

Since June, 2004.

Am I required to RSVP prior to attending a CERTUS Professional Networking event?

Unless specified, an RSVP is not required. Join us as often as you’d like and when it’s convenient for you.  In most instances, discounted pre-registration is offered to attend our After Hours and special events. In winter months, we encourage you to check our online calendar for notifications of cancellations due to inclement weather.

How many participants attend CERTUS networking events?

We don’t feel the number of participants is important. You can attend an event with just 5 participants and make 5 amazing connections. You can also attend an event with 100 participants and walk away with 5 amazing connections. But since you asked, our daytime networking events typically welcomes 15-40+ professionals and our business after hours typically welcomes 75-125 professionals

How great is the opportunity to meet new people?

If you are networking to grow your business, it’s vital to meet new people but also to strengthen and maintain existing relationships. At our events, you will have the opportunity to engage on both fronts. We make great efforts to promote our events to attract new participants allowing you the opportunity to meet new people. You will also see some of the same people you’ve met before, allowing you to continue previous conversations and grow and nurture an existing relationship.

How Can I Become A Member?

By simply completing our online application and submitting it to us to gets the process started.

Click Here to join.

Who Can Attend CERTUS Networking Events?

We do not limit who can attend. All monthly business networking events are open to all industries and companies, men and women. It is possible that multiple participants from the same industry or even the same company could be in attendance at the same event. We have found that regardless of who attends, people do business with and refer to those with whom they have clicked and formed a relationship. Our professional networking events are a combination of business to business and business to consumer networking, from Fortune 500 companies to smaller, home-based businesses.

Am I required to be a member in order to attend business networking events or workshops?

Membership is never required to participate. We also do not have lead passing or attendance requirements. Just join us when you can and pay as you go. Approximately half the participants you will meet at our Denver networking events are CERTUS member.

What is the cost for a CERTUS Professional Network membership?

We offer three Membership Levels, Standard, Premium, and VIP. CLICK HERE for more details

How much does it cost to attend CERTUS Professional Network Events and where does the money go?
  • Non-Members: 
    • $18 daytime networking events
    • $20- $25 business after hours networking events
  • Standard Members: 
    • $9 daytime networking events
    • $15- $20 business after hours networking events
  • Premium Members: No Charge
  • VIP Members: No Charge

If you plan to network 2+ times per month, it makes sense be become a Member to save on your networking investment. Funds collected contribute to paying fees associated with administration, event hosts and operating expenses to promote, organize / host events and maintain an Internet presence with website and social media campaigns.

Can my business be featured in the Spotlight?

The Spotlight benefit is reserved only for CERTUS Premium and VIP  members to showcase their business with one full page on our website for one month and featured in our monthly newsletter received by thousands of professionals.

Previous Spotlights are Archived on the CERTUS website for future exposure.  Premium Members pay $199 for a one-month Spotlight, VIP Members receive a FREE one-month Spotlight with their membership.  This benefit is not available to Standard Members.