Most frequent questions and answers

Our day and evening networking events are run a little differently

Daytime Professional Networking Events ~ We begin all daytime networking events with approximately 15 minutes of open networking. The group is then brought together to allow participants to formally introduce themselves to the group as well as provide a market or industry update. We encourage participants to listen for Power Partners and Referral Sources. Then we do a 10-Minute Forum of Education of practical information on networking, sales or a topic a member will present.  At the end we go around and offer something of value to a fellow attendee whether that be an introduction or some feedback. We encourage participants to follow up with the professionals they meet at our events in order to get the most out of their networking!

After Hours Business Networking Events ~ Our Denver area after hours professional networking events include 2 hours of pure mixer-style, open networking. At each event, participants receive a name tag upon check in to facilitate introductions. The group may be brought together for special announcements or promotions.  We encourage participants to follow up with the professionals they meet in order to get the most out of their networking!

RSVP’s are appreciated but not required for the events. It helps us plan for space needs as wells as food and beverage. For paid events we will always have early bird pricing discounts so you can save some money by RSVP’ing in advance.

For our Daytime Professional Networking Events ~ Anywhere from 10 – 30 attendees are expected at the daytime events. We promote these events in different locations and on different platforms.

After Hours Business Networking Events ~ Anywhere from 50 – 150 attendees are expected at the after hours events. Again, due to the various places these get promoted it’s hard to tell ahead of time.

If you are new to CERTUS you are going to meet more people than you know what to do with! You might want to bring a friend and “divide & conquer”!

The first step in becoming a member is to visit one of our awesome events or meetings! Then just click the button on the top right of the website and fill out the membership application!

Absolutely not! 

For the daytime events you are welcome to visit twice for free before you decide to become a member.

For the after hours events you can come as many times as you’d like!

Daytime meetings are free to new guests for the first two visits. Members have daytime meetings included with their membership. Membership ranges from $599 – $999 per year.

After hours events are $25 – $35 per event for guests and are free to members.

Membership dues and event fees go to run the organization including the website, and social accounts, as well as expand our educational offerings.

Our monthly business spotlight is reserved for VIP members and sponsors. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or VIP member, contact us at info@certusnetwork.com