December 2015: Julie O Perkins, Life Coach

Life Transitions Coach, Academic Life Coach for Teens, Change Agent, Speaker, Radio Show Host, Author

What if you could thrive – not just survive – amidst change?

The adventure of life and all its transitions: Julie embraces it all and navigates it with grace and humor…and she invites her clients to do the same as they grow and change.

Everyone experiences transitions in their lives: Teens “graduate” through different levels of school – some begin or end careers – others create or uncreate relationships – still others “survive” illness or injury. During these times of great change, people of all ages often feel at a loss for ideas, confused or frustrated – not able to see the pathway out of that stuck place.

Julie actually listens to me and doesn’t talk at me. She encourages me to be me – and to live my life. Everything is possible when we work together. And that’s becoming more true for me in my daily life even when she’s not there. I’m happier and more confident than ever before. Thank you!” – C.P., student – Denver, CO

Julie is committed to facilitating dynamic change for herself, her family (especially her two teens), her communities and her clients, focusing on the goal of becoming really and truly YOU. Hundreds have benefitted from her “conversations of change” over the years, started when she was a teen.

As a teenager, Julie was often stuck between what society said should be done and what she really wanted to choose. She flip flopped between the two and began experiencing some interesting life transitions:

-An exchange student year abroad her senior year of high school (What? No senior prom?)
-College for “degree’s sake” (because she wasn’t clear what she really wanted at that time)
-A first marriage (because isn’t that what you’re supposed to do after college?)
-Various careers (from Intelligence Analyst for the Department of Defense to Instructional Design expert to Corporate Trainer)
-Parenthood of two “different” kids (now teens!)
-Breast cancer sur-thriver (because simply “surviving” wasn’t enough)

Through these experiences, she engaged in hundreds of conversations (sometimes in multiple languages) seeking the “the right way” to do things, only to realize that the answers always showed up when she followed her true desires. The choice to guide others on their path, was an easy one after that!

If anyone is considering working with Julie, I would say ‘DO IT – with your whole heart’ because that’s what Julie brings: the whole perspective. I felt so listened to – honored – appreciated. She tuned in energetically – and created a safe environment for me to really show up in. She always met me just where I was – used the power of words and language through questions to allow my innate knowing to come forward – and encouraged me on from there, following my own agenda. She was at my side as I dove deep into my long-term relationship and re-created something that worked for both him and I.” – T.M., Business owner / Healing practitioner – Brunswick, ME

Would a “guide at your side” help create the change(s) you are seeking? To find out more – or to schedule a complimentary coaching session – visit her website:

Drawing from a toolbox of unique coaching skills and techniques, Julie guides clients through challenging transitions, so they can identify the best path “onward” – regain a true sense of self – and make the most of new and “second” life choices.

I am so thankful for Julie. I turned to her at a time when my job was eliminated. It was a painful time and I was not sure what my future would be. Not only did she help me through that very tough situation, but she help me envision a new future for myself, but gave me the tools to make that new dream a reality. She is by far the best personal and executive coach I have ever had the pleasure to work with.” – C.L., Executive Technology Professional – Sacramento, CA

Julie’s passion is working with teens, who struggle with being who they truly are in today’s “expectation filled” society. She is committed to exploring a different possibility for all teens, especially those who are self-destructive – in addictive patterns – experiencing challenges in school – or just plain “lost.” Is now the time for something different for teens?

Complimentary Academic Life Coaching programs for 3 lucky Teens
In January 2016, Julie is offering complimentary Academic Life Coaching programs to 3 lucky teens.
Contact Julie to book a “Match Session” to find out if this program is the right fit for your teen.

Ideal teen candidates are those who are currently enrolled in school full-time – interested in applying for college – available to meet weekly for 10 weeks. If selected, teens will receive the entire program at no cost (a $1,500 value). Teens who have completed the Academic Life Coaching program have reported more confidence – less stress – better communication with their parents – acceptance into one or more of their top three college choices – and a boost in GPA.
Find out more at

Julie currently lives happily in Boulder, CO with her husband Mark and their orange tabby cat Sid. Their teens are out “being themselves and changing the world” in their own ways: son Connor currently lives and works in Denver, CO where he continues to play his favorite sport of rugby and daughter Christy attends a boarding arts high school in CA. When she’s not facilitating change, you’ll find her enjoying time in nature and creative projects like photography, scrapbooking, spinning and handicrafts like silk scarf painting.


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-International Coaching Federation (ICF) Certified Life Coach
-Certified Life Coach, Institute for Life Coach Training
-Certified Circle of Life Mind Body Health and Wellness Coach
-Trainer of basic coaching skills
-Certified Instructional Designer / consultant to several Life Coach Training schools and Executive Coaching programs
-Access Consciousness Body Process and Bars® Facilitator
-Access Consciousness® Right Body for You Taster Facilitator
-Volunteer in youth Boy Scout and Girl Scout programs as a leader and mentor

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