Behind The Moon’s 9TH Anniversary Event Promises to Be The Biggest Ever With Announcement of New Brand for Denver’s Premier Networking Organization


September 17, 2012 – Although a lot has changed in nine years of business, Behind the Moon has continually remained one of Denver’s best ways for small business professionals in the area to connect with each other and share business opportunities.


“I did not ever think Behind the Moon would be what it is today, but had a vision to connect professionals and bring them together to share resources and help grow each other’s business,” says Behind the Moon Founder & CEO, Sabrina Risley.  “This vision has resonated strongly with the small business community in Denver, and helped a lot of us through some tough economic times.  However, with our growth the last couple of years, it’s become clear that Behind the Moon has outgrown its name.”


As Behind the Moon prepared to celebrate its 9th Anniversary, Risley decided that it was the perfect time to implement the changes necessary to Behind the Moon, and begin to move her company in a new direction.


“Although we don’t want to change our original intent, Behind the Moon is in fact outgrowing itself,” says Risley.  “Over the past year, we have had over 3,000 professionals connect at more than 144 separate networking events.  Our members and non-members all attend events with the purpose of connecting, learning more about each other, and helping others succeed.  It has grown so far beyond the original imaginings that I knew it was time for the next evolution of the brand itself.”


The new name and brand, which will be announced at the big after-hours event on Tuesday, September 25th, will encompass much of the original vision, while also expanding and growing to fit the successes that Behind the Moon has seen in the Denver community and beyond.


“Our large, after-hours networking event will be held on Tuesday, September 25th at Chinook Tavern, and I felt like this would be the perfect time to announce our new name, and our new direction, both to our loyal members, and our new attendees,” says Risley.  “Although it is a little bittersweet for me, I am also very excited to share this great news with the Denver business community and those who have relied on Behind the Moon to help build their own business over the past nine years.  It is time for the Moon to set, so to speak.”


The new brand, which will remain secret until the big unveiling at the event, will include a new name and new website, all of which will be announced as part of the biggest Behind the Moon event of the year.


“Although we are headed in a new direction, I want to be sure that our members realize that we will still provide networking groups with the same great philosophies and principles that have helped so many find success, including us,” says Risley.  “We want to continue to help Denver’s small business owners find their own version of success, and support them in their journey toward finding that success.”


Risley would also like to invite anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to discover the Behind the Moon events to attend the 9th Anniversary Party on the 25th.


“Our anniversary parties are always amazing, and many of our member attend, giving anyone new to the community the opportunity to meet a lot of different professionals, and connect with many business owners,” says Risley.  “It really is the perfect introduction to our events, and a great way to begin the networking process.  Anyone who is interested in attending can find out more by visiting our website at, or simply showing up at the door of the Chinook Tavern on September 25th at 6:00 PM.  We hope to see everyone there!”


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About Sabrina Risley & Behind The Moon:


Sabrina Risley is the owner and Founder of Behind the Moon, Denver’s premier host of networking events for small business owners and entrepreneurs.  Risley has been a member of Denver’s business community since 1997, and has built Behind the Moon around networking in the spirit of giving rather than getting.  Risley is committed to helping professionals connect on an authentic and genuine level, and building lasting relationships that have a real impact on their eventual success.


In her spare time, Risley enjoys fitness and health activities, and spending time with her family.

Sabrina Risley

Sabrina Risley is a master connector. She’s been hosting live networking events since 2004 and has welcomed 20,000+ professionals to those events. She shares her observations, insights and tips of how the top 2% of effective and magnetic networkers build their businesses. She also shares what NOT to do when networking. Get her complimentary e-book: Strategic Networking for Success.
Sabrina Risley

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