Be Authentic And Share – An Invitation

One topic that came up in today’s meeting (DTC location) was authenticity.

CERTUS is well known for its personal approach. While we understand and acknowledge that leads are important, our focus is not on leads but on you – in other words, personal relationships are a priority.

That entails that we get to know each other … which also is a lot more fun than hunting for the next lead, the next deal, etc. … wouldn’t you agree? … the business shows up out of the relationships … as they say: as humans, we make business with the people we like and trust.

In today’s meeting, after the first round of intros, everyone shared what they came for, what is important to them when they come to a networking event such as CERTUS.

I can say for myself and also from what I heard other people say, that this second round not only was authentic but also more real. After all, we are real people who live real lives, and we run real businesses with real concerns.

The authenticity in the room was very inspiring and I left knowing a lot more about most people than I did after the first round of “elevator pitches”.

I am sharing this here as an invitation and as an encouragement: in business interactions, we sometimes try to keep up a facade and have the conversation just be about business … that’s fine … just remember, as the Dalai Lama once said:

“Business people are humans too”.

Let us know your experience with this topic.

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