April 2017: Aimee Skillin, Social Media Languages

What is Social Media Languages?

Social Media Languages was born from the culmination and cultivation of my life experiences.  I chose the name for several reasons.  Social Media is what I love and what I do, but Languages came from the fact that I am bilingual, each social media channel has a different “language” and audience and Ethics has multiple languages simply because it is subject to interpretation.  So the word Languages can mean many things.

Before I started this business, I was the steward to the largest privately held Holocaust Library.  It was located in San Antonio, TX and my job with this library was big. The originator, collector and historian who started this library was on a mission to combat Holocaust Denial. He was well regarded in the Jewish Community around the world and had made a name for himself with scholars, other historians and professors.  He was well traveled, had been to many of the concentration camps, was a published by Oxford Press and one of the most interesting and eccentric people I’d ever known. He was passionate about gaining more knowledge, human rights, food, wine, friends and above all family.

This man was my father.  He passed in 2011 and I took over his beloved library.

Yearly event that I started in San Antonio called Yom Hashoa (Holocaust Learn & Remember) In this picture I’m with Howie Nestel, Ramiro Salazar (San Antonio Public Library ED) Mayor Julian Castro

During my three and a half years, I rebranded the Library, conducted fundraisers, spoke at numerous events, taught about tolerance and the Holocaust to children and adults, worked with The San Antonio Library and San Antonio Library Foundation to start a yearly event on The Holocaust, but the ultimate goal was to find a new home to house this incredible and amazingly large collection and for it to stay together as one collection. You see, this Library had more than twenty thousand books and more than a half million documents and photographs!  It was nearly three thousand square feet of material.

At the end of my time with the Library, I successfully got it donated and moved to Colorado University in Boulder. It was one of my greatest accomplishments! I will always be eternally grateful to all those who helped make this happen!

It was because of my experience with this Library, and my upbringing that I decided to make a commitment to #EthicsInSocialMedia.

What I see posted daily, and the lasting effects of these posts, comments, tweets, pictures, videos and memes is the reason I spend my days consulting, strategizing and educating on #DoingTheRightThing.

Teaching a course to Salon Owners to help their staff increase sales by using Social Media and Google Tools.

I want companies to achieve success and build know, like and trust with prospects and clients by creating Ethical and Responsible strategies that lift up, rather than damage, their brand.

“I took one of Aimee’s courses on Blogging and I really enjoyed it. She answered a lot of my questions and now I feel more confident about it.”  ~Todd

I create Policies for their employees to guide them on company expectations in the Social Media space so they too can be on-board with the company’s strategy and help protect the Brand.

I educate our children to manage their digital footprint in a responsible way, and not lose out on opportunities because they made a bad choice by posting inappropriate content online.

“Aimee is awesome!  She is easy to follow, work with and fun. Aimee helped us with putting together an amazing Social Media Policy that our staff is very on-board with. Thanks Aimee!” ~Meg

I want to see a world that is finding ways to reach out and maintain its grand reputation or repair one that is lost, by using good judgement, corporate social responsibility and good business ethics.

These big goals can be achieved with tenacity, strength and passion. This is what Social Media Languages is all about. These are the Languages I speak.

“I love Aimee’s workshops. I left with actionable items I can implement right away. I learned a ton!  She makes everything so easy to understand and has a great sense of humor.  We laughed a lot.” ~Samantha

At Colorado Free University annual un-job fair with Karen Ruth White, Keynote Speaker and Comedienne. I was a presenter and I sat on an expert panel.

My clients succeed in Social Media by creating a remarkable Social Media footprint. They put their social content to work for them using my proven strategies and policies. I will help you create a remarkable Social Media footprint too.

My services, for corporations of all sizes, include:

  1. Designing Social Media strategies
  2. Creating Social Media policies to repair and lift your Brand
  3. Training in all aspects in the various Social Media platforms
  4. Social Media Consulting and workshops


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Let’s strategize about how your organization can fully leverage the power of Social Media to create a remarkable Social Media footprint.


Social Media Languages

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