April 2014: Aimee Cohen, Author of WOMAN UP!

Aimee CohenWoman UP! Overcome the 7 Deadly Sins that Sabotage Your Success is the go-to resource for professional women of every age who want to finally get out of their own way and get ahead in their careers. Career Expert, Keynote Speaker, and Author, Aimee Cohen “is one of the sharpest career coaches I know, especially when it comes to women in the workforce. Move over Sheryl Sandberg!”

She leverages her experience of more than 20 years, hundreds of clients, and nearly a 100% success rate to deliver the advice every professional woman wishes she had at the start of her career, and the motivating call to action every woman needs to hear today.

Woman UP! is a powerful and practical message that exposes the seven most self-sabotaging behaviors that keep women from success using real-life stories, shared experiences, and Aimee’s own guilty confessions. Within each chapter Aimee presents practical action steps, tips, and solutions to overcome the “deadly sins” and to achieve success.


Woman UP! is more than informational, it is transformational…it empowers women to break destructive patterns of behavior that unintentionally hold them back, giving them the confidence to pull on those big-girl panties and take control of their careers. It’s time to Woman UP!

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Woman UP!







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Sabrina Risley

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