3 Signs of a Successful Sales Engine

Do you know where your next client will come from? Do you sometimes wonder if you just got lucky landing your last client, and really aren’t sure where you’ll find the next one?

Having a highly functioning sales engine is an art, and it’s critical to staying sane in entrepreneurship. How to know which red button to push that will produce leads, that bring clients—knowing how long to push it, and how often you can handle pushing it–seems to be a suprisingly complicated question in business.

One thing is for sure – if we can’t figure out how to push the red button, we won’t get paid this month.

For some people, that reality invites some intense amounts of fear, anxiety, and suffering. But the presence of a healthy sales engine can alleviate all that worry and replace it with confidence and consistent growth.

The presence of a healthy sales engine can alleviate all that worry and replace it with confidence and consistent growth.”

So let’s explore the 3 attributes of any fully-developed sales engine:

1. Controllable

Ask yourself: Do I have total control over the number of prospects & clients I have?

Entrepreneurs don’t get the luxury of blaming someone else for a result they don’t like. You are the only one controlling how many people you have in your pipeline, and ultimately how many clients you have at any given time. A healthy sales engine will always show you how you are controlling the results you get. This includes the ability to reproduce your results. You need to know there’s no luck required – if I push this red button, it will eventually produce leads that result in clients.

If you don’t feel like you have a choice in how many clients you have at any given moment, then something’s missing from your sales engine. This must become a choice with which you are no longer willing to negotiate or compromise.

2. Predictable

Ask yourself: Do I know how many deals I’ll have next month?

You’ve heard it said, if you can’t measure it, does it even exist? Measuring your key performance indicators is the key to knowing what income you will have next month. You have to be able to say, if I do X, 10 times, I’ll get Y. Knowing these numbers will provide you with the confidence to work day in and day out, knowing that your results will show up if you do your work today.

If you don’t know how many times to push the first red button that ultimately produces clients, then you’ll never know if your sales engine will work for you this month – or not. Now THAT sounds stressful!

3. Scalable

Ask yourself: Can I increase my prospecting efforts as I see fit?

Everyone can start in business by selling to a few friends, family, and a couple lucky referrals. But do you know how to increase your prospecting process to produce your next-level income at will? How far can you dial it up before things start to break?

Your sales process should feel like a volume button. You can turn it up – or down – according to your business’s (and your life’s) needs and desires this month.

If you have to run full speed until 2am every day pushing every red button you can find–then you can’t scale. Not only will you will you be constantly exhausted, you’ll look funny and smell desperate! Or worse, you’ll burn out–and risk letting the dream die.

These are exactly the kinds of scary scenarios that entrepreneurs create every day that produce intense amounts of fear, stress, and self-inflicted suffering.

Sales doesn’t have to be scary.
Sales doesn’t have to be mysterious.
Sales doesn’t have to be painful.

Address your sales process and make your sales engine work for you. Once you know what work you have to do produce the result you want, you can make a plan for growing your business and reaching your goals with freedom, grace, and consistency.

Then you can enjoy being the cause of the result you want—and get—in your life.


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